Beyond Vision

We utilize advanced AI to remove weather anomalies and enhance sensor performance, extending the range of what millions of cameras can see and detect in the real world.


The US receives around 100 days of precipitation per year. For those 100 days, millions of outdoor cameras are rendered useless. Nevertheless, these cameras are utilized in traffic, media, automotive, and security applications. This means that whenever there’s bad weather, these cameras, the end-users, and the companies that develop them are at risk of failure.


Our primary market research led us towards Traffic Monitoring Systems. The Total available market size for traffic management globally is $10.4B, and in the US, it is $2B with a CAGR of 12.0%. And specifically, the Traffic Monitoring System sector in the US is worth $680M.

Source: Grand View Research-Tessera Intelligence Analysis 


Boston, MA, USA



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